Preqin performance analysis: North Sea Capital is no. 1

North Sea Capital recognised as the most consistently top-performing private equity manager in the last decade by

Preqin 2013 and 2014.

"North Sea Capital private equity global fund of funds (IV) now fundraising"

OPEN NOW - based on a long track record of OUTPERFORMANCE

Track record: 20% annually since 2001

Our global funds are all top tier and have outperformed both private equity peers and public markets by 8.5% annually. We have realised a return of 2.7x, uncorrelated to public markets, across varying business cycles. Learn more

Team: Links strong competencies in a One Deal Team

A team of top-performing individuals with a strong sourcing network, solid sector expertise and clear responsibilities ensures a unique teamwork. Significant investment by team members guarantees alignment of interests. Learn more

Strategy: Disciplined process and diversified selection result in worthwhile investments

While exploiting current windows of opportunity, our strategy primarily targets areas where we believe the next decade will bring growth trends and opportunities for alpha managers. The overall foundation is thorough due diligence in three uncorrelated segments of the private equity universe. Learn more